5 Best Government Jobs In Texas

The 5 best government jobs in Texas are those jobs where you have the most power, plain and simple. They are the jobs which decide, for the most part, the course of the state of Texas for at least the length of time that their administration has been elected into power. Texas is the second-biggest state in the union, so it is a very important state that can have national impact at times.

  1. Governor of Texas. This one's a no-brainer: The best government job in Texas is being the governor of Texas because you are the top dog, the state's CEO! You have a Lieutenant Governor, a Secretary of State, an Attorney General, etc. However, Texas' executive branch system is a plural one, which means that the powers of the Governor are limited because your Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor, just to name a couple of branch members, are not accountable directly to the Governor, but rather to the voters due to independent elections. Good news for the people, bad news for the Governor.
  2. Lieutenant Governor of Texas. The state of Texas' second-best government job, the Lieutenant Governor is the second-most powerful job in the state, and its benefit is that you are not directly accountable to your boss, the Governor, though it is traditionally like that in other states. Due to independent elections, you can even be a member of another political party as you serve your term as Lieutenant Governor, while the actual Governor is from another party also.
  3. Attorney General. The third-best government job in Texas is the Attorney General because it makes you the chief legal officer of Texas. In other words, you are the top cop, the one who is responsible for defending both the laws and the constitution of Texas. If you get this job, some of your responsibilities will be to give legal opinions when asked by the Governor, to serve as legal counsel to boards of state government, and to defend challenges against Texas state law.
  4. Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is the fourth-best government job in Texas because you are the top dog as it relates to elections in the state of Texas. Serving at the Governor's pleasure, you are accountable for helping county election officials and also making certain that election laws throughout Texas are applied in a fair and uniform manner.
  5. Member of the Texas Railroad Commission. While it may not sound like much power to just be a member of a railroad commission, Texas' commission does afford a great deal of power because of how much power you have over industry. If you get to be one of the three members of this commission, you have regulatory power over the oil and gas industry.
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