5 Best Greco Roman Wrestling Moves

The 5 best Greco-Roman wrestling moves can help you master this form of wrestling. There are a specific set of rules you need to follow when performing Greco-Roman wrestling moves. Unlike other forms of wrestling, you are not allowed to tackle or trip your opponent and you also can use any holds that are below the waist of your opponent, such as taking hold of the legs. Even with these restrictions, however, you will still be impressed by the five best Greco-Roman wrestling moves.

  1. Two-on-One Technique This Greco-Roman wrestling move involves gripping your opponent’s wrist and pushing your opponent with your shoulder. There are several variations of this type of wrestling move, but it typically involves grabbing the wrist or elbow and somehow pushing your opponent.
  2. Offense Technique To start this wrestling move, you and your opponent need to already be on the ground. As your opponent is crouched in front of you, the Parterre Offense Technique involves pushing on the back with one hand and reaching under your opponent with the other hand. This will enable you to take him down to the mat easily.
  3. Headlock While you can’t take out legs in Greco-Roman wrestling, you can certainly use a headlock to subdue your opponent. Completing the headlock involves doing a correct back step. After the back step, you will actually be able grip your opponent around the head with your elbow and flip him over.
  4. Defense Technique This technique can actually involve a feet, gut and lift defense. Like other Greco wrestling moves, there can be variations. Basically, you can grip your opponent’s arm as he comes toward you, twisting it back and get him into a submission position. If done correctly, this is a highly effective Greco-Roman wrestling move.
  5. High Dive Technique This Greco-Roman wrestling technique involves gripping your opponent by the upper arm and controlling him by grabbing his wrist. This control will enable you to take your opponent to the ground or lift him up. It basically gives you complete control.
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