5 Best Gruen Wrist Watches

The 5 best Gruen wrist watches are made by that old, American watch company that hailed from Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. Gruen, which was originally founded all the way back in 1874, is currently owned by MZ Berger, a Long Island, New York-based company. Gruen watches provide cheap, affordably priced ways of keeping track of the time.

  1. Gruen Men's Watch. This men's watch by Gruen takes the number one spot on account of both its simplicity as well as its classic definition of what makes a Gruen a Gruen. A true vintage model from years gone by, this Gruen men's wrist watch also features a rectangular watch face and gold accents on its bracelet and hour and minute hands.
  2. Gruen Men's Two Tone Dress Date Watch. As its name implies, this is the Gruen wrist watch you put on when you want to paint the town red and have a hot, snazzy date to impress. Featuring an all-stainless steel look together with blue and gold design accents, this two tone, dress date watch will come in handy when your date asks for the time. If she does, just whip this baby out, and tell her the time in style.
  3. Gruen Men's Calendar Date Diamond Accent Black Gunmetal Watch. An analog quartz watch, this Gruen calendar wrist watch features a gunmetal wrist band and simply looks sharp. This is your go-to watch when you want a reliable way to keep time along with a watch that makes a bold and even stoic impression on all those who glance upon it.
  4. Gruen Men's Sport Watch. This wrist watch by Gruen is a bit different because it features a sporty theme, enough to land it at the number four position. With its black dial along with its red color accents, you will enjoy a dynamic and vibrant combination on your wrist. Take this Gruen watch with you when you're playing ball, exercising or even swimming.
  5. Gruen Men's Watch with Round Black Dial. At the last place in this countdown is a Gruen watch that is a statement in both efficiency as well as coolness. With a silvertone case and bracelet, this wrist watch simply exudes classic style and effortless grace. Whip it out when you want to make it look like you have a more expensive watch than it really is. Your friends won't know the difference!
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