5 Best Gucci Man Purses

Want to know what the 5 best Gucci man purses are? Gucci is one of the best known design houses worldwide.  Here are some of the best men's bags that Gucci makes.  No matter if you're buying a gift for yourself for a job well done, or a gift for someone else, any of these bags would be a great addition to the closet of a well dressed man.

  1. Signature Messenger Bag.  For the man who doesn't leave home without his cell phone, laptop and e-reader, this is the best Gucci Man Purse.  It holds the tech guy's essential items, whether he's taking it on his daily commute or using it as an airplane carryon bag.  The classic canvas bag is the best choice for the modern guy who needs a  bag that functions as a man's purse but does not look like your borrowed it from your granny.
  2. Leather Briefcase.  This leather bag with a shoulder strap holds the business man's essentials and is the best way to carry your important papers in style.  This bag is sturdy enough to hold up to daily usage as a man's purse by the business man on the go, who exudes subtle style.  The buttery soft leather of this bag let's people know that the man who carries it gets the job done.
  3. Joy Medium Tote.  This tote is a great choice for the man who needs to carry a lot in his purse.  You can toss in your computer, a magazine, papers, pens – everything but the kitchen sink.  This Gucci tote allows you to carry your essential items in style.
  4. Small Case.  Available in the signature G pattern, in various colors, this Gucci bag is a perfect complement to any of the larger bags.  For the man who is always on the go, it's easy to grab the Gucci small case before you leave the house to carry your wallet and phone and use as a stylish man's purse.
  5. Backpack.  For the hipster man, the Gucci backpack, featuring the classic interlocking G pattern with the green and red stripe is a great choice.  The medium size backpack holds a laptop computer, can be used as a purse, or could be used as an overnight bag.  The backpack is functional and allows a man to keep his hands free while he travels the world, with his essential items on his back.

No matter what a man's personal style is, there is a Gucci bag that fits his style.  No matter which bag you pick out, the man who carries a Gucci Man Purse tells the world that he is an accomplished man with a great sense of personal style.

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