5 Best Gwyneth Paltrow Movies

Despite being married with children, Gwyneth Paltrow's undeniable talent refuses to wane, and these 5 best Gwyneth Paltrow movies only prove that nothing can stop this talented woman from proving her worth as an actress. Winning an Oscar when she was just 27-years-old, she is best known for her engagement to Brad Pitt, then later her marriage to Chris Martin, as she is for 5 best movies.

  1. "Emma". In 19th Century England, Emma was a self professed matchmaker. Although she is able to find the right person for everyone else she seems unable to find the one for her. In the end,  after all her scheming and planning, Emma realizes not everything is as it seems and that her true love is right under her nose and has been all along. Playing the role of Emma came naturally to Paltrow as if she had lived in those times. 
  2. "Shakespeare in Love". In this 5 best Gwyneth Paltrow movie, all Viola wants to do is act. Something that is forbidden for women.  She falls for Will Shakespeare, a young playwright. She knows their love is forbidden as she is promised to another and he is married, although separated. Viola is whisked off to America and Will becomes part owner of a theatre and writes another play. Paltrow's role is heartbreaking as she must leave the one she loves to be with the one she is promised to. 
  3. "Shallow Hal". In Shallow Hal, Paltrow plays Rosemary, an obese woman with a beautiful personality. Hal is, well, shallow and has a love for beautiful and skinny women. Hal haphazardly gets hypnotized and begins seeing the inner beauty of the people he comes in contact with instead of what they actually physically look like. When Hal meets Rosemary, instead of seeing her obese frame, he sees a beautiful thin blond and he doesn't understand when he hears people making fun of her.  Playing both the thin and heavy roles in this film, Paltrow is able to shift not just her appearance in this funny, touching film.
  4. "Iron Man". Pepper Potts is Tony Starks right hand and anything else he needs her to be. She has been there for him since the beginning and will continue to be until the end. Pepper continues to be at Tony's side even when the rest of the world thinks he has gone mad and in the end is the one that saves Tony's life. In this 5 best Gwenyth Paltrow movie she is a career oriented woman that is can be subtly fierce when needed. Paltrow flawlessly flows from Tony's right hand man to his best friend. 
  5. "Se7en". In this best Gwyneth Paltrow movie, Paltrow she plays Tracy, a cops wife. Tracy's husband, David, is on the case of a serial killer who is a mind manipulator. Killing for the Seven Deadly Sins his victims range from a prostitute to Tracy Mills and their unborn child. The last murder was to be David killing in wrath to revenge his wife and child.  Paltrow seamlessly transforms into each situation her character comes up against as if she were living it herself. 
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