5 Best Gymnastics Crash Mats

When participating in gymnastics, it is important to consider the 5 best gymnastic crash mats. Safety is a top priority in this sport, so it is crucial to acquire the best gym equipment possible in order to protect the gymnasts as they leap, tumble and flip. A lot goes into putting together a well-stocked gymnastics gym. A big part of the gym consists of the mats. This sport in particular involves a lot of falling before individuals become great gymnasts; therefore, it is important that their safety is protected at all times. The increased propensity to fall, in addition to the fact that gymnasts are among the few athletes that do not wear protective gear, makes gymnastics crash mats a vital part of the sport.

If you are a new coach whose gym needs new supplies or maybe just a curious parent who wants to know their child is safe, here is a list of some of the most basic and best gymnastics crash mats needed for athletic success:

  1. Folding Mats These gymnastics crash mats are used for all gymnasts from beginners to professionals. Probably one of the most common of mats because of their portability, they are designed to fold into two-foot width to be easily transported and stored. The mat consists of 1-3/8” thick polyurethane foam and is coated in heavy duty polyester fabric.
  2. Landing Mats All gymnasts know the importance of a good landing place. It can be the difference between a graceful routine and wiping out. That is where these particular gymnastics crash mats come into play. Landing mats are made of high-density compressed polyurethane foam to create a safe cushion for students to land their flips and tumbles. They are available in different sizes from eight feet long to twelve feet long. These gymnastics crash mats can be pushed together to create an even larger area of safe landing.
  3. Spotting Blocks Spotting blocks are important gymnastics crash mats to a gymnast’s training tool. These may be placed on either side of the balance beam to build a student’s confidence and protect against injuries and falls.
  4. Cartwheel Mats These are the best gymnastics crash mats for very young beginners. As young gymnasts learn basic tumbling and cartwheels, the foam-filled mats will protect against bumps and bruises. These gymnastics crash mats are about six feet long and feature hand and foot positioning pictures to help students learn the basic cartwheel.
  5. Practice Mats These gymnastics crash mats provide a give of eight to twelve inches of polyurethane foam to practice on. They are covered in a strong vinyl to ensure durability in spite of all the gymnastic activity. Two handles on the ends allow the mats to be moved from one gymnastics element to another.

These basics of the best gymnastics crash mats will help guide you as you provide safety for your gymnasts. Having good mats will boost students’ confidence and consequentially improve their gymnastic skills. By providing your gymnasts with the five best gymnastics crash mats for their training, you will teach them not to be afraid of falling, so they will learn more than they ever otherwise could.

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