5 Best Gymnastics Landing Mats

Here is a list of the top 5 best gymnastics landing mats if you are opening up your own personal gym or wanting to expand on your school’s gym that’s already in place. It's good to know the distinction between mats because there are many different kinds: stings mats, landing mats, safety mats, floor mats, and dismount mats. These are obviously different when it comes to hardness, width and basic function.

  1. American Athletic Inc. Landing Mats- This company makes the highest quality mats out there. They have tested highest for safety and performance. They also provide a wide variety of different mats so that you find the landing mat that is the right fit. One of their best models is their competition sting mat. It is a combination landing mat that provides extra support and is a little more forgiving on the heels and feet. Its features include: 8 ft x 15.5 ft x 8 in; four layered foam padding; seamless top landing area; handles for easy transport and movement. It is certified by the International Gymnastics Federation (IGF).
  2. American Gymnast Landing Mats- This is a company that was founded and still now owned by former U.S. gymnasts. This is a true athlete built company that knows what it takes to compete and produce great landing mats. Their mats are designed by using the insights from their own experiences as former gymnasts to give the best product to the consumer. Like AAI, they provide a variety of different mats for all levels of competition.  Their best model is another sting combination landing mat. Its features include: four foam layered; hook and loops included for secure attachment; seamless landing area; variety of sizes; 18 oz. vinyl cover. It meets USAG, NCAA, and NFHS competition standards.
  3. AK Athletics Landing Mats- AK is recommended for those on a little tighter of a budget. They are a producer that keeps in mind the consumer’s wallet.  The mats are very durable and provide just as much support to the athletes as the previously mentioned companies. They have been around since 1990, so they know what they are doing when it comes to make landing mats. The one great thing about this company is that they provide schools with custom mats at more inexpensive prices. Its features include: 6 ft x 15.5 ft. x 5 in; folds up for storage; three layered foam core; handles for ease of movement; and, reinforced cover (fire retardant, mold/mildew resistant).
  4. Tiffin Landing Mats- Tiffin mats are again a little more inexpensive but still meet specifications for USAG, NCAA, and FIG.  They provide folding and non-folding mats, all covered with 18 oz. vinyl. Additional Velcro connections can be placed on the ends for easy hook up to other mats. Its features include: two layered foam core; start at 6 ft x 3 ft 6 in. and go up to 8 ft x 18 ft.; four inch Velcro connection system; and, fast and easy set-up.
  5. Norbert’s Athletic Products Inc.- Norbert’s is a supplier of all kinds of gymnastics equipment and a variety of mats as well. They are often high quality and little bit more affordable. Its features include 6 ft x 12 ft x 12 cm; four inch Velcro connection system; and, built-in hidden handles. Its 1.375 inch foam provides excellent compression absorption. 
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