5 Best Half Ice Hockey Drills

These 5 best half ice hockey drills work on burst and puck control. Hockey drills are a great way to work on conditioning, puck control and in-game ice management. These five half ice hockey drills centralize the skater in the half ice area. Conditioning in hockey is monumental, and finding hockey drills that work is vital. Hockey drills should work puck control and other intangibles. This article will cover five exceptional half ice hockey drills that will enhance your play. Use these five half ice hockey drills as a player, coach or on your own. These half ice hockey drills are sure to increase your abilities.

  1. Cornerstone: This drill works puck control, skating and passing as the primary targets of training. This drill begins with the skater receiving the puck and skating around the net backwards. The player will then pass to the high slot where another player will do the same drill. The players alternate through the line up.
  2. Three by one on one is a drill that concentrates on defensive game play and support. In this drill, there are three attackers taking on one defender in front of the goal. The offense works strategic passing as the defender positions to defend. This is meant to be a fast-paced event with direct challenges to the defender and the three attackers.
  3. Icing drill: This drill works stamina and skate control in a race from the mid line to the blue line. These are otherwise known as suicides, with the skater racing to retrieve a puck before it crosses the blue line. This drill is great for leg strength as well as body control over high speed attacks.
  4. Goalie follow the puck: This is a sport favorite for many goalies. This drill moves the puck from the corner to the goalie back and forth. With players set up on either corner and taking turns running, go to the puck on the corners. This drill requires the goalie to follow the puck from each corner. This drill will work your goalies vision, movement and goaltending abilities.
  5. One on one half ice drill: This drill pits offense against defense in a one on one drill. The goal here is simple: stop the goal attempt or score. You can set up cones on the ice and require the players to work lateral movement as well. Sprinkle in laps for the outcome, defense if scored on or offense if stopped. Run the line consecutively and fast to keep movement and action going.
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