5 Best Halloween Costumes For Guys

Arriving at a costume party without making the effort to try one of these 5 best Halloween costumes for guys makes you look insecure and, to be honest, boring. Some costume ideas are better than others. Just because you came up with a clever idea, does not mean you should act on it, inanimate objects are not the most attractive choices and throwing a sheet over yourself and declaring yourself a ghost is just not going to cut it. Look good this year by putting together one of the best Halloween costumes for guys.

  1. Superman. Walk away from the tights and cape, the best way to wear a Superman costume is to be "in transition." Go ahead and purchase the fake muscular chest with the S emblazoned on the front, but wear this under a button down shirt and disheveled tie. Complete the look with khaki pants, dress shoes and a sports jacket with a reporters notepad in the front pocket. Slick your hair down and don a pair of chunky black glasses.
  2. Tony Montana. Intimidate all the party guests, especially the fella dressed in an unfortunate couples costume, by showing up as this Latin drug lord. Wear a light colored suit, retro button down shirt with a pattern and wide collar and aviator sunglasses. Be sure to carry a toy water gun and a Cuban cigar and wear a conspicuous amount of gold jewelry.
  3. Construction Worker. Tight jeans from back in the day, or the local thrift shop, a white T-shirt and work boots is the entire base. Strap on a tool belt and a hard hat and you are wearing one of the best Halloween costumes for guys. This look is attractive, simple and inexpensive, you have no excuse for not giving it a try. 
  4. Vampire. Regardless of the recent popularity of these sinister creatures, this costume idea has stood the test of time. There are several ways to pull this off but all involve wearing all black. Black dress pants and a tuxedo jacket or black jeans and a T-shirt that has the word "Vampire" in iron-on letters. Swing a black cape and slick your hair back for this classic character.
  5. Doctor. As one of the best Halloween costumes for guys this look has a few varieties. You can wear scrubs, a hospital mask and booties over your shoes like you just got out of surgery, or dress up in nice slacks, a button down and tie with a lab coat over top. Another possibility is to declare a specialty on a name tag, OB/GYN being the most common choice. Carry a prescription pad and stethoscope and don't be afraid to use them at the party.    
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