5 Best Halloween Costumes

Looking for the five best Halloween costumes? Step beyond traditional and into the realm of creative this Halloween with some unique costume ideas. Here are five of the best Halloween costumes on the market.

  1. Michael Jackson Thriller Costume: This costume can be purchased through a retailer or designed with some favorites from a thrift store. Stay in the realm of leather and try to go with the color red. The one-gloved look is real popular too, and don’t forget to put tight curls in the hair and lots of eyeliner one. What better way to celebrate one the most popular music icons of all time?
  2. A Keg: This original idea would be easy to pull off. Find an aluminum beer keg at a local recycling center or check at the local bar or liquor store for extras. Cut the proper holes and wear it over the body. Some creative men can even include a tap, working or not. A great way to get the women!
  3. Superhero: The most traditional superhero costumes include Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. But what about Underdog or Mr. Fantastic? Or for a unique couple’s costume, try the superhero/villain combination. Then have fun with it all evening!
  4. 80’s Rock Star: This look is best on an adult, although kids can pull it off too. This costume is easy and fun. Wear a pair of ripped up jeans and an old concert t-shirt. Don a long blond or brown haired wig and load up on the make-up. Eyeliner is the biggest touch here, especially for men. There is no need to carry around an instrument, since it will just get in the way, but don’t be afraid to tie a bandanna around the forehead. It will add to the look and keep the wig in place.
  5. Sandwich Costume: This costume can be made at home and is very unique. Use two pieces of cardboard for the front and back of the body to make the pieces of bread, and attach strings to make straps so the boards can be worn. Use construction paper to create lettuce and tomatoes and attach them to the inside of the sandwich boards. Easy and fun!
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