5 Best Hamilton Military Watches

Whether you’re a military man, or a casual outdoors man, having one of the 5 best Hamilton military watches can come in handy. These Hamilton military watches encompass the best of function and style. The best Hamilton military watches have all of the chronographs, alarms and water resistance that you would expect form a military watch, and all of the manly style that you need in a contemporary time piece.

  1. Khaki Aviation Automatic- It’s not the most feature packed of the five best Hamilton military watches but it will still get the job done. This watch has a see through back, a calendar at the 6 o’clock position and a compass to keep you on the right path on those long flights. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in versatility; this watch comes with either a leather or brushed stainless steel bracelet. No matter which style you roll with, you know you’ll always look good.
  2. Navy Regatta Alarm– Of all of the watches that made our list of the best Hamilton military watches, this one is by far the most complex and feature packed. It boasts a date calendar, five different types of alarms, unidirectional rotating and a screw-down crown. All that and it can tell time too. 
  3. X-Copter- Our third entry in our list of the five best Hamilton military watches looks as bad ass as it’s name sounds. It’s a water resistant watch that comes in either leather or stainless steel. It has a chronograph and is able to show you how meters you’ve traveled on land, sea or air. 
  4. Khaki King Scuba- This is another of the best Hamilton military watches that comes in stainless steel or leather. Both styles come with a black bezel–the rotating piece on the face of the watch–and is water resistant up to 100 meters. We liked this watch because it has all of the features you would need out in the field, without looking like a military watch.
  5. Khaki Navy Frogman– It’s unique design is what put this on our list of the best Hamilton military watches. It has a beveled loop over the chronograph that magnifies the numbers a bit. It also has a clear case back, illuminated hands and is water resistant up to 200 meters. If you mission takes you out to sea, this is the watch that you need.
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