5 Best Hands Free Heart Monitors

The 5 best hands free heart monitors range from simple and inexpensive to the latest technology with a price tag to match. These heart monitors are all intended to help runners get the most out of their training sessions.

  1. Polar FT60. This hands free heart monitor also tracks the calories burned and training zones. It customizes a training program taking into account you current fitness level. It prompts you to slow down or speed up. Some advantages to the unit compare to other heart monitors is that it is easy to replace the battery, comes in designs for men and women, and it you can add on foot pods or a GPS. The downside these heart monitors is that they cost over $200, setting it up is complicated and you have to pay extra for using the feature that allows you to connect it to your computer.
  2. Timex T5G971. Calories burned and heart rate are both calculated by this affordable hands free heart monitor.  The Timex heart monitors have been tested and shown to be accurate, with quick pick up of the heart rate and simple to use. User friendly features include a larger display and a battery that can be changed out by the user.
  3. Omron HR-100C. This hands free heart monitor is inexpensive and easy to use. If you are using it in a gym with a lot of other equipment around the technology allows for occasional interference. It doesn’t track calories but it is accurate and a good value for a basic model.
  4. Polar RS400. This monitor is designed all types of runners including distance runners. The Polar Sports Zones in the monitor allow the user to set five customized pulse training specific zones. It allows you to upload information to your computer with a USB stick. It is a complex monitor and there requires more time to set up initially. This heart monitor is best used by hard-core runners who will appreciate its many features.
  5. Garmin Forerunner 310XT. This unit is one of the heart monitors that allow you to sync information with your computer. You can also charge it with your computer although you won’t have to do that so often with its twenty hours of battery life. Of course, since it is made by Garmin, it has a GPS integrated into the unit. This monitor caters to tri-athletes by clipping onto a bike and being waterproof for swimming. This is one of the most expensive hands free heart monitors but it does have the latest technology and all the features you could ask for.

Hands free heart monitors are an essential tool for the serious runner. The key to getting the right monitor is to determine how many features you will actually use and what you are willing to spend.



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