5 Best Harmony Kayak Paddles

If you are shopping for kayak paddles, learn about the five best Harmony kayak paddles. Harmony is a quality, outdoor sporting goods company. Harmony makes a variety of kayaking paddles. Here are some of the best Harmony kayaking paddles for whitewater or recreational touring. Many of these best Harmony kayak paddles are also compatible with canoeing.

  1. Harmony Tortuga Kayaking Paddle. The Tortuga kayaking paddle is a lightweight paddle for the recreational kayaker. This Harmony kayaking paddle is made from fiberglass and features an adjustable shaft. This best kayaking paddle will assist beginning kayakers to develop their own paddling style; the Tortuga can be adjusted for a high or low angle style. Available at Backcountry.com for $111.97.
  2. Harmony AT Ergo Tour T4 Touring Paddle. The shaft of this best kayaking paddle is made from a special carbon and fiberglass to make it as lightweight as possible. The Harmony T4 paddle is the best kayaking paddle for the advanced or competitive kayaker who wants to eliminate excess weight. This paddle reduces flutter to give you optimal performance. Available at Backcountry.com for $195.27.
  3. Harmony Sea Passage Paddle. This one piece kayaking paddle is the best Harmony kayaking paddle for smaller kayakers or kids. The sea passage paddle is ideal for recreational kayaking in the ocean or almost any water. The sea passage paddle is made from durable aluminum. Available at Backcountry.com for $89.95.
  4. Harmony Ty Warp Beam Straight Paddle. The Harmony straight beam paddle features a straight shaft and seamless blades. The blades on the straight beam paddle are waves of red and white. The beam is easy to grip, especially in rough waters. The Ty straight Beam Paddle is ideal for whitewater kayaking for intermediate to advanced kayakers. Available at Harmonygear.com for $143.99. 
  5. Harmony Ty Warp Beam Bent Paddle. The Harmony bent paddle is another whitewater kayaking paddle. The Ty bent beam paddle reduces arms and wrist fatigue by promoting paddle grip in the correct location. This kayaking paddle reduces flutter and increases control. Available at Harmonygear.com for $191.99.
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