5 Best Hay Fever Drugs

If you are suffering from many symptoms of hay fever you may like to know what the 5 best hay fever drugs are. Luckily, many of these medications come in a variety of forms including pills, liquids, nasal sprays and eye drops.  This makes them easier to use, easier to apply and even quicker to start working on relieving your hay fever symptoms.

  1. NasalCrom:  NasalCrom is an over the counter nose spray.  Its real name is Cromolyn Sodium. It can be used many times during the day. It is considered a good medication for hay fever because it can actually help keep the body from releasing histamine which sets off the chain of events that causes the hay fever symptoms. Another good reason that many people like NasalCrom is that it has very little side effects. The main one being stinging of the nose when you first use it.
  2. Singulair:  Singulair is also known as Montelukst. It is considered a Leukotriene modifier. Medications such as these do have to be bought through a prescription written by a licensed physician. Singulair comes in a pill form. It works by blocking chemicals within the immune system that can cause hay fever symptoms.
  3. Flonase:  Flonase is a nasal spray which is bought through a prescription written by a licensed physician. It is also known as Fluticason. It is considered part of the drug family known as nasal corticosteriods. Nasal sprays are considered the ideal treatment for hay fever patients who will need long term treatment.
  4. Nasonex:  Nasonex is another popular medication known as a nasal corticosteriod.  It is also known as mometasone.
  5. Prednisone:  Prednisone is a prescription medication that is given for severe allergy attacks including hay fever. However, it is basically used for short term care. It is generally given in a pill form.


Hay Fever Treatments

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