5 Best HBO Series Ever

With a stellar list of original shows, you may find it difficult to choose the 5 best HBO series ever.  Since HBO dove into the world of original programming, the cable giant has seemingly dominated the field.  HBO's programs have received countless awards over the years including several Golden Globes and Emmys.

  1. The Hitchhiker.  One of HBO's first series, "The Hitchhiker" was the story of a wanderer who explored the dark side of humanity.  With a "Twilight Zone" kind of feel, "The Hitchhiker" aired for six seasons.  As one of the best HBO series ever, "The Hitchhiker" won many awards and featured many all-star guests that added to the uniqueness of the show.
  2. 1st & Ten.  Another of HBO's best series ever was the football-themed comedy "1st & Ten."  Airing for seven years, the HBO series was the cable channel's first attempt at series comedy.  The show followed the on and off-field antics of a California team.  The show featured  Delta Burke and O.J. Simpson.
  3. Tales from the Crypt.  Who couldn't love a show with a ugly, creepy muppet telling scary tales?  The HBO series "Tales from the Crypt" told horror stories featuring gore, sex, and violence.  In the shows seven seasons, there were many celebrity guest stars including Demi Moore, Brooke Shields, and Treat Williams.
  4. Arliss.  Arguably one of the best HBO series ever, "Arliss" told the story of a ruthless sports agent who would do anything to make a buck.  Sports agent Arliss Michaels stopped at nothing to get ahead in the world of sports.  "Arliss" was filled with with with sporty humor.
  5. The Wire.  Set in Baltimore, "The Wire" had it all.  Different from other HBO series, "The Wire" was filled with corruption, drugs, and crazy violence.  The show focused on the drug war from the legal system down to the streets.  By the time the series ended, it had its own cult-like following.

With many more original programs on deck, the list of best HBO series ever will most definitely change.  HBO continues to lead the pack in original programming in a field that is overrun with reality TV shows.


Best HBO television series

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