5 Best Healthy Cocktails

In composing this list of the five best healthy cocktails, taste, volume and caloric values were given equal consideration, as a really great healthy cocktail should satisfy your tastebuds and not at the expense of your health.  Keep in mind that if you don't like a particular liquor or brand of liquor, you may substitute another, provided you avoid malt liquors and liquors mixed with sugar.  When creating your healthy cocktails, always keep in mind that liquor contains 75 to 125 calories per ounce.  

Beginning with a classic and working down, the five best healthy cocktails are as follows:

  1. Jack and Diet Coke.  It may not be the smoothest whisky in the world, but it is one of the best to mix with.  Order Jack Daniels on the side and mix it yourself to ensure the perfect calorie controlled healthy cocktail.  For added sweetness and just a few calories more, top it off with a maraschino cherry or two.
  2. Skinny Cosmopolitan.  The Cosmopolitan—simply comprised of Vodka and cranberry juice and lime—has been a girl's best friend for years and ranks second on our five best healthy cocktails list.  Scrap the full-sugar cranberry juice for low-sugar or no-sugar Ocean Spray and cut your calories in half.
  3. Skinny Gin and Tonic.  It's all about substitutions.  While an average Gin and Tonic contains over 200 calories, gin mixed with diet tonic and a wedge of lime is a hundred calories less and just as delicious.
  4. Bacardi Cuba Libre.  Combine a shot of Bacardi rum, half a shot of espresso, three dashes of decanter bitters, a lime wedge and Diet Coke to taste.  This is the richest healthy cocktail on this list. It's a little fancy and the added caffeine could raise your metabolism.
  5. Grey Goose Martini.  Okay, okay, so it isn't the lowest in calories, but at two shots a glass—and a pretty glass at that—it only takes one to loosen you up and two to start dancing; an exercise that burns 171 calories per thirty minutes for the 150 pound adult.  This and the fact that it is simply one of the most delicious drinks on the planet makes the Grey Goose Martini the last of our five best healthy cocktails.
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