5 Best Healthy Eating Programs

Learning about the 5 best healthy eating programs gives you choices to drop a few pounds or change your life. All of the healthy eating programs featured offer healthy alternatives for measured weight loss.  Each program offers small changes that lead to dramatic results.

  1. The South Beach Diet offers a low glycemic program with long lasting results. The South Beach diet offers two phases to its program. During Phase one, which involves the first weeks of the program allows a variety of lean protein and vegetables. The next phase reintroduces foods like whole grain bread and fruits. The biggest perk for this diet involves the energy level that it delivers. It virtually eliminates cravings for sweets which regulates your blood sugar.
  2. The Weight Watchers program offers flexibility and teaches how to account for all the foods you eat.  Weight Watchers focuses on portion control by educating its members on the point value that certain foods contain. Each member receives their daily points allotted to them based on their current weight and gender. Members eat whatever they want but need to stay within their allotted point range. Every member receives an additional thirty-five points that they use however they like. Weight Watchers reminds members of the daily recommended allotment of fruit and vegetables along with their calcium intake. If you want a program that allows you to sit in the driver’s seat, then Weight Watchers is for you.
  3. The Dr. Oz eating program takes inches off your waist and add years to your life. Celebrity doctor made famous by Oprah offers a simple eating program that focuses on losing inches off your waist.  According to Dr. Oz, the ideal male waist measures 35 inches. His diet program focuses on eating a variety of foods and only requires a daily elimination of 100 calories. Cutting 100 calories a day seems small, but over time the results add up.
  4. The Sonoma Diet program offers portion control guidelines and a focus on nutritious food.  The program offers guidance on what percentage of your plate should consist of lean meat, vegetables, whole grains and fruit.  The program does not allow any sugar intake, but unlike the South Beach Diet, it does allow whole grains and fruit in all three phases of its program.
  5. The Nutrisystem diet program offers nutritionally sound prepackaged meals which makes it easy to plan your meals. If you  don't want to bother with what to eat when,  Nutrisytem offers you nutritionally balanced meals along with a couple of snacks. All you need to do is eat their food and the weight comes off.

Choosing a healthy eating program involves researching options that suit your lifestyle. But no matter what plan you choose always aim for progress, not perfection.

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