5 Best Heather Graham Movies

This list of the five best Heather Graham movies is a tribute to an acting career that seems to have stalled as of late (“The Hangover” notwithstanding).  It would be nice to see Heather Graham in something new rather than just reruns of “Scrubs” on basic cable, but until then we have the following to tide us over.

  1. “Boogie Nights.”  Heather Graham stole every scene she was in as the adorable fluffer Roller Girl in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Boogie Nights.”  It certainly wasn’t a long shot to think of her as someone whose talent is keeping men erect.  It was that and other great casting decisions that helped make “Boogie Nights” the best fictional movie about the porn industry ever made.
  2. “Swingers.”  A year before “Boogie Nights,” Heather Graham charmed movie audiences in Jon Favreau’s memorable writing debut.  Favreau’s character, Mike, spends most of the movie moping about his lost love until he is finally snapped out of it by the appearance of Graham’s character, Lorraine.  He then has the good sense to realize that she is intensely hotter than his ex, and everything is going to be OK.  It’s a hilarious film, even if its over reliance on the now long-dead swing dancing trend makes it look awfully dated, and it is one of the best Heather Graham movies.
  3. “Drugstore Cowboy.”  Heather Graham has lucked out by being picked for movies directed by some seriously talented directors, whether it’s Thomas Anderson for “Boogie Nights” or Gus Van Sant for this 1989 crime drama.  Matt Dillon and Kelly Lynch may have headlined this movie, but Graham’s supporting role as Nadine earned her early recognition for her acting talents.
  4. “Two Girls and a Guy.”  We’re not going to lie; this isn’t a very good movie.  But it revolves largely around the idea of Heather Graham being in a three-way, and for that reason it has earned a special place in our hearts.  It may be a sleazy, cynical cash in on its actors’ sex appeal, but we can’t help but think that “Two Girls and a Guy” is one of the best Heather Graham movies.
  5. “The Hangover.”  After a few years out of the spotlight save for the occasional TV appearance, Heather Graham proved she still existed with her funny turn as the prostitute Jade.  We’re glad she made it back in the spotlight and hope that it was an omen of funnier roles to come.
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