5 Best Hid Bicycle Lights

Looking for the 5 best HID bicycle lights on the market? High-intensity discharge lights offer an efficient and superior way to light a bicycle when traveling in poorly lit areas. Here are five of the best HID lights available to consumers.

  1. CygoLite Trion 600 The CygoLite Trion 600 is a triple LED light that offers an internal Li-Ion battery. This outdoor enthusiast’s favorite offers a wireless LED bike light that has three LED bulbs that are classified as high-brightness with four brightness modes. The light also offers four flashing modes for added safety, including an SOS mode. The battery will run for twelve hours on a single charge.
  2. Topeak MoonShine Enduro The Topeak MoonShine Enduro HID bicycle light features a 14.4V 2200 mAh lithium Ion battery with an average burn time of 2.5 hours on a 10W setting. This lightweight high-intensity discharge light is constructed from machined aluminum and features an HB mount. The battery is rechargeable. This light can be mounted on a bicycle or helmet for added convenience.
  3. Planet Bike Alias The Plant Bike Alias HID bicycle light features an integrated battery that eliminates the need for wires, leading to a quicker attachment. The high-intensity discharge light uses less energy through a Solarc technology process and can run for as long as 3.25 hours on low. This HID light is designed to fit handlebars between 25.5 mm to 31.8 mm.
  4. NiteRider MOAB The NiteRider MOAV HID/LED bicycle light features a technology that allows the light to burn for over eleven hours in HID mode and as many as 720 hours in LED mode. This light is perfect for long-distance travelers who need to get a longer burn time. The NiteRider MOAB can be mounted to either the handlebars or to a helmet for added convenience.
  5. Topeak MoonShine Lightweight HID The Topeak MoonShine Lightweight HID is considered to be one of the lightest HID bicycle lights available. It features an RISC processor with four levels and offers a power reserve tank. The 2200 mAh lithium ion battery can stay lighted for as long as 2.5 continuous hours.
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