5 Best High End Watch Brands

Looking for the 5 best high-end watch brands? More than just pieces of designer jewelry, high-end watches are often seen as a sign of success and social standing. The appeal of high-end watch brands is partly due to their associations with icons such as sports heroes and even fictional characters, such as James Bond. For many, a watch is a representation of who they are and how they want to be perceived.

  1. Omega. The Omega watch brand boasts more than 160 years of history, a museum dedicated to its story and an exclusive range of celebrities and icons wearing its watches. Omega makes some of the most sought after watches and is one of the best high-end watch brands around today.
  2. Rolex. Perhaps the most recognized name in watch making, Rolex is one of the leaders in the luxury watch market and one of the most desired high-end watch brands in the world. Highly coveted, the pride of having a Rolex on the wrist appeals to many.
  3. Breitling. Boasting some of the most technological watches in the world, Breitling offer some of the most awe-inspiring watches around today. With celebrities such as John Travolta on board, it is little wonder that this is one of the most respected high-end watch brands in the aviation field.
  4. Bulgari. Bulgari is a luxury fashion brand with its own take on watches. Bulgari watches are ideal for those who want something that is as practical as it is pretty. Bulgari watches offer aesthetically pleasing designs with full functionality.
  5. Tag Heur. Often considered the ultimate performance watches, Tag Heur watches are worn by sports luminaries and celebrities all over the globe. While not as pricey as some of its high-end competitors, the Tag Heur range still offers world class watch designs that are among the best on the planet.
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