5 Best Hip Hop Ringtone

Are you looking for the 5 best hip hop ringtones? It used to be the only options you had on your phone were generic ringtones. Nowadays, you can get any song or any sound pounding out of your phone. If you have the choice, wouldn’t you want something you can tap your foot to, something that’ll get everyone around you singing those lyrics? That is why you should check out the best hip-hop ringtones.

  1. Lil Jon – "Get Low". WHAT?? AW YEAH! It wasn’t too long ago that you and all your friends were shouting those lines from David Chapelle. And it wasn’t much after that you hated hearing it everywhere you went. Lil Jon somehow managed to go from the most ridiculous artist to the most hilarious and back again. But there’s reason why people have this love/hate relationship with the star: his music is huge. Even if you don’t know what this song is immediately, once you listen to it, you’ll know it. And as your ringtone, everyone will recognize and think about how awesome and hilarious Lil Jon is. Get Low is definitely in the five best hip hop ringtones.
  2. Jay-Z – "Big Pimpin’". If you were to compose the best hip hop ringtone, there’s no doubt you’d have Jay-Z up there. And there’s no doubt you’d have to talk about Big Pimpin’. There’s no doubt how solid Jay Z is in the world of hip hop and even people who know nothing about it think Jay Z should be up there. "Big Pimpin’" easily makes it one of the best five best hip hop ringtones.
  3. Hey Ya – "OutKast". With its quick beat and catchy lyrics, most people can sing the entire song and often quote their favorite lyrics. In the middle of a meeting? Out on the subway? Just chilling at a bar? You get a call with this on and I bet you’ll hear at least one of the guys around you humming it, if it doesn’t just start the whole room in on a giant chorus. I’ve even seen it turn full blown musical.
  4. Coolio – "Gangsta’s Paradise". A classic from the earlier days of Hip-Hop. It’s not quite as old as the Run DMC crowd, but represents part of the evolution hip-hop took in the mid 90s. With a classic artist like Coolio and its cameo in Dangerous Minds, few people forget the chair-slamming Michelle Pfeiffer and the classic chanting that runs through the song. Completely appropriate for your incoming messages.
  5. Eminem – "Slim Shady". Love him or hate him, you’ve listened to Eminem. Maybe you just thought you didn’t have his name right. Eminem blasted on to the scene, supported by Dr. Dre in what everyone remembered as that song that really confused you as to who Eminem was. Is his name really Slim Shady? Is he really the real Slim Shady? All we know is that Eminem knew what he was doing and we wanted to hear it. Bring back this king by putting him as your ringtone.
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