5 Best Hip Hop Songs About Cheating

The 5 best hip hop songs about cheating each convey a different emotion including, anger, playful, remorseful, and hurtful. Each song about cheating either represents getting caught, wanting to cheat, or guilt from cheating. These songs come from both male and female perspectives on cheating, and being cheated on. If you are looking for a song to either express the guilt you feel from cheating, or the anger you feel from being cheated on, check out these 5 hip hop songs.

  1. "It I Don't Want You Back (F**k It!)" by Eamon. The hip hop song is about a man who finds out his girlfriend is cheating, so he dumps her. He tells her to forget about everything that is meaningful to this relationship. Eamon wrote the song about an ex-girlfriend that he found out was cheating behind his back. Its message is that words don't mean a thing because talk is always cheap. Released in 2004, "I Don't Want You Back (f**k It!)" is the first song with a cuss word in the title to reach #1 in the UK.
  2. "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy. This song about cheating is sung from a mans point of view who goes to his friend for advice because he has been cheating on his girlfriend with a neighbor. The song depicts that his girlfriend caught him and the neighbor red handed, but he still denies it to her. "Why shouldn't she believe me when I told her it wasn't me?" The song's hip hop element is performed by Rikrok and the hook is done by Shaggy. This is one of the best songs about cheating because even though it is a heavy subject, Shaggy managed to make light of it, and the song even reached #1 in the US and UK.
  3. "Break You Off" by The Roots. Released in 2002 on the "Phrenology" album, this hip hop song about cheating features Musiq on bridge and chorus. Black Thought's lyrics are about having a relationship with girl who has a boyfriend, but he questions their relationship and her decision to cheat on her man. At some points he tries to get her to leave the man she is with for him, but others he talks about them sneaking around. "Kisses like Hershey, but lips is sealed 'cause we don't need the controversy / I say I'm in town, you say you want it in the worst way / You probably told your man it was ya lil's birthday."
  4. "Dilemma" by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland. This hip hop duet about cheating by Nelly and Destiny Child member Kelly Rowland hit #1 on US Billboard chart for 10 weeks in 2002. The song is about a girl who has a boyfriend, but is in love with another man who also has feelings for her. Even though she is cheating on her boyfriend, she still has not left him. Some cheating lyrics include, "All I think about is you, even when I am with my boo / Boy, you know I'm crazy over you."
  5. "Unfaithful" by Rihanna. Released in 2006 on Rihanna's "A Girl Like Me" album, the song was written by Ne-Yo who was Rihanna's label mate at Def Jam Records. The song is about a woman who realizes her man knows she has been cheating. One of the best hip hop songs about cheating because it is about the guilt and regret of cheating. The lyrics for "Unfaithful" show remorse for her cheating ways because she realizes how much hurt she has inflicted.
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