5 Best Historical Romance Movies Of 2007

The 5 best historical romance movies of 2007 came from all different eras and told many different love stories, but all were inspiring, beautiful and heartbreaking at turns. Historical Romance is a classic genre, weaving a love story, whether fictional or true, in amongst the tapestry of major historical events. 2007 gave audiences a glorious chunk of this genre to enjoy/

  1. “Atonement.” Adapted from the Ian McEwan novel of the same name, “Atonement” tells the story of the Tallis sisters and the misunderstanding that tears their lives apart. When young Briony accuses Robbie, her older sister Cecilia’s love interest, of a horrible crime without knowing the full story, she goes through her life constantly wondering what-if? Thrust into the turmoil of World War II, Briony strives to seek penance, while Cecilia and Robbie try to keep their relationship alive. A beautiful film about love lost and the dangers of assumptions.    
  2. “La Vie En Rose.” The touching tale of famed French singer Edith Piaf is a different sort of historical romance: it tells of Piaf’s romantic loves, as well as the love of her craft. Born the daughter of an aspiring artist and an acrobat in 1915, Piaf grew up on the streets singing for money until she gradually made her way into the music halls and consequently the hearts of the French people.    
  3. “Love in the Time of Cholera.”  Based on the novel of the same name by Gabriel García Márquez, the epic story of the love triangle between Fermina Daza and her suitors Florentino Ariza and Doctor Juvenal Urbino is one of the best of its genre. In 19th century Cartagena, Fermina and Florentino Ariza fall in love, keeping their relationship a secret and agreeing to marry. However, when Fermina’s father discovers the tryst, he sends her away and she eventually agrees to marry Dr. Juvenal Urbino, even though she is still in love with Florentino. A love story that spans fifty years, it is historical romance at its best.    
  4. “A Mighty Heart.” This film brought things home for historical romance in 2007. Based on the 2002 kidnapping of "Wall Street Journal" reporter Daniel Pearl, the film recounts the search and heartfelt love Pearl and his wife Mariane had for each other.    
  5. “Across the Universe.” Set in the fever-pitch era of the 1970's leading up to the Vietnam War, the love story between Jude, a young man from Liverpool, and the naïve American Lucy, blossoms amongst the backdrop of Beatles songs and the vivid imagination of director Julie Taymor. A musical journey set during a time that defined a nation, it is a one of the best historical romance films of 2007.
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