5 Best Hockey Drills For Beginners

Doing the 5 best hockey drills for beginners is a great way to develop basic skills for the sport. These will help you improve your skating and handling of the puck, which are key for success at the game. Some of these drills will require others, but if you can find a few people to help you out, you can learn the sport with them while having fun. Following are the five best hockey drills for beginners.

Five Best Hockey Drills for Beginners

  1. Circle Hockey Drill. Each player takes a puck and skates around the face off circle. One around, each person should turn around, and go the other way, pushing the puck the whole time. This will build skating and puck handling skills.
  2. Lead Dog. Cones are used to mark a square or circle. One player, the lead dog, has the puck, and is given a fifteen foot head start. The other players try to race up and tag the lead dog. The lead dog's goal is to skate around the cones several times with the puck without being tagged. Lead dogs alternate each time the drill is performed.
  3. Four Stop Drill. This drill helps beginners with their skating and stopping. A line is formed at one end of the area, and the first player skates to each of the face-off marks and performs the power stop at each. Then, the player returns to the back of the line, and the next in line, now first, does this. This is repeated so that each player skates several times.
  4. Cone Drill. Two teams set up on the two sides. When the drill starts, the players must skate forward to the blue line, and then skate backwards to their starting places. this is repeated, giving beginners plenty of practice speed skating forwards and backwards.
  5. Two on Two. This is a very basic drill that helps beginners get into the sport. Two teams of two and one goalie (five players) participate. Each team of two tries to score, and after a miss, the puck goes to the other team. One team is always playing offense, and the other, defense as the game goes on.

Listed above are the five best hockey drills for beginners. They each work on different parts of the game, but after doing each of them many times, better skating, shooting, passing, and defensive skills will be developed.

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