5 Best Hockey Equipment Bags

The 5 best hockey equipment bags will carry your equipment safely and soundly to your destination of choice. These bags are made by a number of manufacturers, many of whom you will already be familiar with, especially if you play any sort of sports. If only these hockey equipment bags don't get so big and heavy when you fill them up with all your equipment, they'd be easier to carry!

  1. Easton Synergy ST14 Hockey Equipment Bag. This Easton hockey equipment bag takes the top spot based on its guarantee to get all your equipment where it needs to be and it does this by letting you lug it around all in one, easy and accessible grouping. It is dual-zippered, has end pockets that are padded for your skates and a top flap zipper for easy closure and opening.
  2. Warrior Hitman Hockey Equipment Wheel Bag. This hockey equipment bag by Warrior takes the number two position because it has wheels! While this may seem like only a small difference, it will make all the difference in the world when you are faced with having to lug around a heavy bag full of equipment. With the wheels on this bag, the heavy load will seem like a light weight when you move it.
  3. Mission Pro Team Ice Hockey Equipment Carry Bag. Between games and practices, you need a place to store your gear. The Mission Pro Team ice hockey equipment gag is just what you need since it features a massive carrying capacity. At 38-inches long and eighteen-inches in height and width, this hockey equipment bag also comes with an outside ID pocket so no one will confuse their gear for yours.
  4. Reebok 6K 36 Inches Basic Wheeled Hockey Equipment Bag. Another hockey equipment bag with wheels, this one let's you carry a large capacity of equipment in a very easy manner. This bag deserves the fourth spot because it comes with so many features: an internal accessory pocket, a grab handle to ensure you can carry your bag if you choose, polyester construction for sturdiness and wheels that can roll over any surface.
  5. Tackla TB36 Hockey Equipment Bag. This bag is your basic hockey equipment bag and it will provide for you the chance to collect all your hockey gear and transport it to wherever you want. It also features ventilation end pockets that ensure your gear won't become smelly from poor air circulation. If you want your bag in various colors, this bag by Tackla comes in maroon, silver, black, red, blue, orange or gold.
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