5 Best Hockey Passing Drills

These 5 best hockey passing drills will improve overall game skills for the younger hockey player as well as the advanced. Passing is a key element in the required team work for a successful hockey team. Nothing replaces practice for learning skills.

  1. Three Way Passing. For practicing for the fast break, one of the best hockey passing drills is the three way pass. To run the drill, the players create three lines across the ice in the defensive zone. The player on the left end of the front line begins with the puck. Upon go, the first line begins to skate and the first player passes to the second. The next two lines begin to move in 5 second increments. The puck is passed down the row, then back to the next line, then the third. Three successful passes must be made between each zone of the ice. The speed should start at slow then quickly advance to quick as the drill is repeated. When the drill reaches top speed, change up the passing. Row one immediately passes to the second who passes to the third and back up. When the players get the drill down to the point of easily completing the task, change the passing to random. Focus on the players staying in their lines and watch the stick and turning positions of the players.
  2. Stationary Passing. One of the best hockey passing drills for beginner is simple stationary passing. Two players stand across the ice from one another. They pass the puck back and forth alternating between forehand and backhand swings of the stick. The passing should begin slowly and increase to high speed slapsticking.
  3. Figure 8 Passing. Another simply exercise on the list of best hockey passing drills is the figure 8. Two players crisscross back and forth with each other down the ice passing the puck back and forth with each cross over. This drill encourages team work and passing skills.
  4. 8 Pass. Number four on the list of best hockey passing drills comes the 8 pass. This simple drill is performed by lining up four players on each side of the ice, spread out equally. The ninth player skates down the middle passing back and forth to each player. This improves speed in passing as the players are limited on the time they have to pass and receive the puck back as they move.
  5. Relay. Rounding out the list of best hockey passing drills is the simple relay. The team lines up in a jagged line down the ice. The stationary players pass along down the line back and forth as quickly as possible. Timing each relay will assist in speeding up the passing.
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