5 Best Hockey Practice Drills

The 5 best hockey practice drills are those kinds of drills that will mold you into not only a better player of hockey, but also a better and more well-rounded athlete. These types of drills will condition you, build up your resistance and stamina, and also ensure that you improve your overall skill at playing hockey.

  1. Breakout – Transition 3-on-0 to 2-on-1. This is the best hockey practice drill because it exercises the shooting and passing ability of some of your hockey team's players. The drill takes shape when one forward skates from the red line towards the goal and takes a shot on it. He then positions himself at the wall as the second forward times the defenseman's pass to the first forward.
  2. Passing – 8 Pass. Line up your hockey players on two opposing lines. Have the first player in the line make a hasty give-and-go pass to the next line. At this same time, have another player without the puck skate into the give-and-go play as the first player in this drill finally passes to an open man for the opportunity to take a shot on net. This hockey practice drill is second best because it encourages teammates to work together to create scoring opportunities.
  3. Passing – Wide to Narrow. Wide to Narrow is the third best hockey practice drill because it teaches players about intricate passing plays. The drill begins with two forwards skating down the ice and making a few passes; the forward who receives the last pass dumps it behind the net. The remaining forward should take the puck and skate with it to the red line, where two defensemen wait. The forward then passes it to one defenseman who promptly passes it to his partner. The final defenseman finally passes the puck to one of the two forwards; both forwards then begin skating on the goal with the remaining defenseman back checking for them behind them. The two forwards skate on to the goal in a 2-on-0 formation and should pass the puck before finally shooting on goal.
  4. Shooting – Change Momentum. Change Momentum is the fourth best hockey drill to practice because it will increase the shooting accuracy of your players. Just have your players split up into even numbers. Then, place the puck at center ice and have two coaches beside it. Instruct one hockey player from each group to skate quickly to his respective blue line and curl in to get a pass from one of two coaches at center ice. With the puck in his control, the hockey player should then circle around the faceoff dot and attempt a shot on net.
  5. Positional Play – Neutral Zone Trap. The objective of this hockey practice drill is to stop the chance of the opposing team making breakout passes; you accomplish this by plugging up the neutral ice with your players. The secondary objective of this hockey practice drill is to make the other team play perimeter offense. If you implement this drill, make sure you have good skaters to take advantage of the opportunities this drill creates.
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