5 Best Hockey Shooting Drills

The 5 best hockey shooting drills exist to make you hockey players all the more adept at scoring goals. Goal-scoring isn't the only skill that will be sharpened with these drills. You will also become better puck handlers and learn the virtues of passing and teamwork, too.

  1. High-Low Shooting Drill. The best hockey shooting drill on account of its incorporation of so many skills all in one drill, the High-Low Shooting drill is a quick-paced exercise. It requires that hockey players stay alert for when they skate through the ice's middle in opposite routes. It is of utmost importance that the hockey players never stop their feet from moving during the entire duration of this drill.
  2. Snake Drill. The second-best hockey shooting drill is the Snake drill because of how fundamental it is, yet this simplicity also makes it very successful as a drill due to how you can apply its concepts to a wider use. It starts with hockey players in the corners with their pucks. The players then skate around the ice's circle, accumulating a good amount of speed. They then shoot when their feet are still in motion. Players should remember to shoot in stride on the forehand.
  3. Three Pass and Shoot Drill. Sitting on the third spot of this list of the best hockey shooting drills is the Three Pass and Shoot drill because it can be utilized in a number of practice scenarios. Players should line up with pucks on the blue lines of the ice. At the start of this drill, one player from one line skates forward to take a pass from a player on the opposite blue line. The player taking the pass passes the puck back to the player who passed it to him. The player who left his blue line should then skate to the receiving zone where he will take a pass from the line he left, and then he can take a shot on net.
  4. Figure 8 Shooting and Deflection Drill. This is the fourth best hockey shooting drill due to its intricacy. Forwards should line up in a corner with their pucks. One forward should pass to a defenseman; the forward should then drive to the net. The defenseman with the puck should fire on goal just as the forward reaches the net. Instead of letting the shot reach the net, the forward should deflect it; he then skates to the top of the circle, only to drive to the net once more. The same defenseman fires another shot on net as the forward makes his way to the goal for the second time. The forward deflects the shot again, but stays in front of the goal to screen the goalie. Another defenseman now takes a shot on the net as the forward tries to deflect the shot and also shoot in any possible rebound.
  5. Give and Go Shooting Drill. All this hockey shooting drill requires is one hockey player passing to a point man who then attacks. The point man then passes the puck to the next player in line. This next hockey player who receives the pass then coordinates a give and go with the point man. The point man then takes a shot on net, and the next player in line becomes the new point man.
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