5 Best Hockey Skates

Can you name the 5 best hockey skates on the market? Finding just the right skates for your hockey game can be a daunting task. Search online for hockey equipment outlets–including all the major sporting goods stores–and you’ll find scores of ice hockey skates for professionals, adults, and youth players. We’ve done the research for you to highlight five of the best hockey skates around. Based on customer reviews and online sales, here are the best skates to look for.

  1. Bauer Supreme One60. The Bauer Supreme One60 hockey skates are the most popular adult skates on the market today. The skates are lightweight, supportive, and comfortable. And the stainless steel runners are tough and functional. These skates retail for $200.00.
  2. Bauer Supreme One70. The Bauer Supreme One70 is another great choice for adult hockey skates. More advanced–and more expensive–than the Bauer Supreme One60, these skates pair ankle padding with injected heel cups for quick movement on the ice. Expect to pay $300 for this model.
  3. Bauer Supreme One40. Bauer skates are popular choices among adult hockey players, and the Bauer Supreme One40 is no exception. Lightweight basket-weave nylon construction provides strength and protection, and a quick-dry hydrophobic gripliner qualifies these skates as low-maintenance. More affordable than the other two Bauer models, these retail for $140.00.
  4. Reebok 4K Pump. The Reebok 4K Pump hockey skates boast the company’s innovative pump technology at a more affordable price than previous models. The 4K Pump enables personalization and comfort by adjusting to different feet. Features include high-density felt tongues and double-density microfiber liners that reduce dry time and foot odor. The list price is $130.00.
  5. Easton Synergy EQ4. Among the five best hockey skates for men, the Easton Synergy EQ4 is one of the more expensive models on the list. Players enjoy a combination of power and comfort in these hockey skates designed to fit like a glove. Special features include thermally-activated ankle foams, comfortable felt-based tongues, and a unique moisture-wicking system. The skates retail for $279.00.
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