5 Best Hockey Skating Drills

The 5 best hockey skating drills will help build endurance, speed, and stopping skill. While the team that scores the most goals wins the game, the team that skates best has a much easier time both scoring and defending. Because of this, the 5 best hockey skating drills are essential to build up your team's energy, technique, and strategy. Here are the 5 best hockey skating drills to get your team ready to move:

  1. Skating the Circles – This drill works on speed and turning. The player begins in one corner and skates hard to the faceoff circle in the zone, then around it, doing crossover turns and heading to the other faceoff circle in the zone, again going around the circle. From there, the player goes to the center faceoff dot, repeating the circling maneuver, then the same with the circles in the far zone. This is one of the 5 best hockey skating drills because it helps with turning speed and straight-ahead speed.
  2. Skating the Lines – This skating drill is essential for footwork. The player begins in the corner, skating hard to the blue line at the boards and stopping. From there, the player crosses over, hopping all the way to the opposite boards. The player then skates to the red line, stops, and comes back by crossing over the other way. This is repeated at the far blue line, and then the skater goes hard to the corner in the far zone, stopping on a dime to repeat the drill coming the other way.
  3. Sled-Dog – This drill builds endurance as well as skating power. One player skates the length of the ice dragging another, who adds resistance by placing his or her skates in a snowplow position. Once at the end, the players switch roles and skate back.
  4. Backwards Skating the Lines – Backwards skating is best for defensemen, who need to be able to skate backward as well as they skate forward. It is the same as the above drill but performed skating backwards.
  5. Skate and Fall – The final entry on our list of 5 best hockey drills helps immensely with in-game action, as it involves getting up quickly and continuing to skate. With this drill, the player skates hard from the corner to the blue line. At the blue line, the player drops to his or her knees and slides to the red line, then jumps back up onto his or her skates to continue skating. This drill may take some time to master.

These hockey skating drills will have your team buzzing around the rink.

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