5 Best ‘Hogan Knows Best’ Episodes

Every professional wrestling fan should know the five best “Hogan Knows Best” episodes. Spanning 43 episodes, this reality show takes a close look at the family life of wrestling’s biggest icon, Hulk Hogan. Along with his wife Linda, Hogan has his hands full with his daughter Brooke, an aspiring singer, and his son Nick, who dreams of good times and fast cars. “Hogan Knows Best” is a humorous look at a megastar who just happens to be a normal dad.

  1. “Superfan” (Season 3): In this “Hogan Knows Best” episode, the Hogans hold a contest to determine Hulk’s biggest fan. They invite the winner to their house for a day of fun. The fan soon learns that it’s not a pleasure trip as Hulk takes him to the gym and puts him through a grueling workout.
  2. “Wedlock Headlock” (Season 4): One the most intimate of the five best “Hogan Knows Best” episodes, Hulk and Linda try to reconnect with each other with the help of a marriage counselor. On the advice of the counselor, Hulk and Linda both get a “wish day,” in which each receives an individualized romantic experience from the other.
  3. “Birds and the Bees” (Season 4): When Hulk begins to notice that Nick has taken a liking to the opposite sex, Hulk decides to make sure Nick knows what he’s getting into. In this intense “Hogan Knows Best” episode, Hulk brings home a computerized baby that Nick must change and feed. Nick soon learns that being a parent isn’t easy.
  4. “Que Vas Hacer, Hermano” (Season 3): Perhaps the most entertaining of the five best “Hogan Knows Best” episodes, the Hogans experience culture shock after moving to Miami, where a working knowledge of the Latin culture is necessary. The Hogans try to broaden their horizons by learning Spanish, causing Hulk to realize he’s in over his head.
  5. “Brooke’s First Date” (Season 1): As the father of a sixteen-year-old daughter who’s ready to date, Hulk has some difficulties when Brooke goes out with a 22-year-old guy. This inaugural episode in the “Hogan Knows Best” series featured Hulk secretly hooking a GPS to Brooke’s vehicle so he could track her whereabouts with the new man.



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