5 Best Home Stereo Systems

Curious about the 5 best home stereo systems? Home stereo systems come in many shapes and sizes and in different price ranges, which makes the buying experience very difficult. All of the home stereo systems below are small enough to sit on a shelf, yet they offer amazing performance.

  1. Polk Audio I-Sonic. The Audio I-Sonic is the best home stereo system on the market. This Polk unit offers many features and impressive sound for its small size. Important specifications of the Polk Audio I-Sonic include a built in DVD player/radio tuner/XM radio/CD player, an alarm and digital clock and two front and rear speakers.
  2. Yamaha TSX-10. The TSX-10, one of the 5 best home stereo systems, is classically designed and is very versatile. This unit can be set up in four different vertical or horizontal positions. This Yamaha unit features a total output power of 36 watts, has a built in radio tuner with CD player and has bass and treble control.
  3. Bose Wave/PC. While Bose products are known to be expensive, you really do get what you pay for! The Wave/PC, one of the 5 best home stereo systems, is a small unit that packs a lot of punch. Important features of this Bose unit include a digital AM/FM radio tuner and the ability to play music that is streaming from your computer.
  4. Geneva Sound System Model L. This Geneva unit, one of the 5 best home stereo systems, is an all-in-one system that offers an iPod dock, CD player and FM radio. The sound quality of the Sound System Model L is simply top notch. Other important specifications of the Geneva Sound System Model L include a total output power of 100 watts and a bass/treble control.
  5. Mondo Mint DMS300. The final unit to make an appearance on our 5 best home stereo systems list is the Mondo Mint DMS300. The Mint DMS300 includes two iPod docks (one of them is wireless) and offers big sound for a small unit. The total output power of this Mondo unit is 70 watts.



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