5 Best Home Theater Subwoofers

A home theater sound system is worthless without a good subwoofer, so here is a list of the 5 best home theater subwoofers. The subwoofer is the heart of any home theater sound system and a good subwoofer takes a ton of pressure off your receiver. While prices will vary, you should be able to purchase any of the five best home theater subwoofers listed below for under $500.

  1. Polk Audio DSW Pro 400. This Polk model is one of the best home theater subwoofers. The Audio DSW Pro 400 offers a flexible configuration with a built-in 180 watt amplifier. The maximum output power of this subwoofer is 360 watts. 
  2. Klipsch Synergy Sub-12. This Klipsch subwoofer is the most affordable subwoofer offered by Klipsch and features a 300-watt amplifier. Other important specifications include a maximum output power of 650 watts and a response bandwidth of 24 to 120 Hz.
  3. Definitive Technology ProSub 800. While this Definitive subwoofer does not offer a trendy design, the inside features are good enough to place the Technology ProSub 800 on our five best home theater subwoofers list. This subwoofer offers an integrated 300 watt amplifier with a response bandwidth of 20 to 150 Hz and a crossover frequency of 40 to 150 Hz.
  4. Fluance DB-150. This Canadian-made subwoofer carries a small price, but the outstanding performance means that the Fluance DB-150 has earned the right to be number four on our five best home theater subwoofers. This unit features a 150 watt built-in amplifier with a crossover frequency of 40 to 150 Hz.
  5. Polk Audio PSW 111. Polk is a well-respected name in the home theater industry. They produce high quality subwoofers, which means that they are the only company to have two representatives on our list. The Polk Audio PSW 111 is a compact unit that blasts out up to 300 watts of power. The frequency response of this Polk is 38 to 250 Hz.
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