5 Best Homemade Halloween Costumes

If you're looking to save money or just be more creative, use these 5 best homemade Halloween costumes for inspiration. Next time you are in need of a costume, instead of going to the store and hoping it fits, make your own! People will be much more interested to hear that you made your own costume instead of what store you went to in order to purchase it.

  1. The Ghost. Yes, this might seem a bit old to be on the list of best homemade Halloween costumes, but be creative. Still start with the plain old white sheet with holes for the eyes and mouth, but now add to it. You can tie-dye it, add eyelashes, lipstick, a mustache, hat, the sky is the limit! While you might start out with the cliche white sheet, with some creativity it's sure to be a bit hit!
  2. The Scarecrow. This is one of the more fun options in the list of best homemade Halloween costumes. Start out with an over-sized flannel shirt and jeans.  Use a piece of rope for a belt and to tie the cuffs of your jeans and sleeves. Stuff your shirt and jeans with plastic grocery bags and get some straw to hang out of your jeans and shirt sleeves. Just add a little make-up and you've created a homemade scarecrow costume.
  3. The American Tourist. Out of the best homemade Halloween costumes, this is a great option for couples to do together. Grab some really bright Hawaiian shirts, shorts (if it's not too cold), and some big straw hats. Try to find a couple of the old big cameras to put around your necks, and don't forget to have maps hanging out of your shorts and shirt! You can also each have a tourist bag to complete the look.
  4. The Nerd. This best homemade Halloween costume allows you to get in touch with your inner nerd. Throw on a pair of pants that are too short, slick back your hair with mousse, put on a white button up shirt, and don't forget the penny loafers. Then all you need are your accessories. Find a pair of dark rim glasses and tape the nose piece, add a pocket protector filled with pens, and don't forget a briefcase or backpack you can use for your treat bag.
  5. A Bubble Bath. This makes it onto the best homemade Halloween costumes list for its originality. Cut a hole in the bottom of a white laundry basket that you can fit in and tape the cut edges with masking tape. Use two wide strips of any white material to attach to the front and back of the basket for shoulder straps.  Cover the straps with light peach and white balloons with safety pins. Wear an all white outfit, a pair of slippers, a shower cap, and grab your scrub brush and rubber ducky!
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