5 Best Honda Motocross Bikes

The 5 best Honda Motocross bikes are not just the best Honda brand bikes, but some of the best Motorcross bikes on the market today. If you're serious about Motocross bikes, then you'll absolutely want to consider these excellent options. Be sure to consider the whole list, because each is different and uniquely powerful.

  1. 2011 Honda CRF250R: This bike has a great throttle response and its a quiet smooth ride. This bike starts at $7,199, a great deal for such a powerful ride. The lightweight motocross bike has no battery and is compact – allowing for exceptionally great movement.
  2. 2009 Honda CRF150R: This bike starts at an affordable $4,699 and gives you a lot for your money. The wheel control is exceptional and the bike has a powerful four-stroke engine. It's an affordable bike that gives you everything you need to succeed.
  3. 2011 Honda CRF450R: This bike has a 449cc liquid-cooled engine and a unicam valve train. It is truly a prime bike that gives you all the control with less effort. It's an amazing bike to invest in, starting at $8,199.
  4. 2006 Honda CRF50F: This bike may be from 2006, but that doesn't mean it falls behind modern bikes by any means. It was one of the best-selling motocross machines, with a single-shock rear suspension and an inverted fork. This prime design makes this bike one of the best bikes in the history of Honda's motocross bikes.
  5. 2008 Honda CRF150R: The 2008 version of this bike had the same great performance of the 2009 bike, with a few less improvements. However, the bike was still mighty powerful, a smooth ride to be sure. It starts at $4,199, giving you a great deal for an amazing motocross bike.



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