5 Best Honda Sports Cars

A Honda sports car is perhaps one of the most popular in the F1 race, however, the race is not the only place where it is quite popular since the 10 Best Honda Sports Car can also be popular elsewhere. There are many of these cars that have made it out into the real track and have gathered support and admiration from different crowds, whether F1 crowd or not. Still, admiration can only go so far, here is some of the most admired Honda sports car.

  1. 2009 Honda S2000. This is one of the well-loved versions of the S2000. Although the 1999 S2000 was one of the well-praised cars when it was first released, this 2009 version carrying a DOHC VTEC 2.2 Liter, has made quite an impact with all its improved technology plus, it maintained the ‘best top-down model’ ever.
  2. Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan. With a red line per RPM of8000, who would not love its speed? Plus this Honda sports car model offers lightweight at 16.98-pound with 18×7.5-inch forged aluminum wheels.
  3. Honda Accord 3.0 EX 6 Speed. From the name alone, this model deliver, as it comes up with the best speed of the Honda sports car models.
  4. Honda Civic Coupe. It stands in as one of the best cars appropriate for younger generation for its looks, but it also carries a 140-hp, 1.8-Liter i-VTEC® Engine, plus it has Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®  which is to say, important.
  5. 2011 Honda CR-Z sport Hybrid Coupe. This model is living up to its promise. The combined 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine and hybrid-electric system is doing its part. CR-Z Sports have also moved to provide the ultimate driving efficiency with its normal, econ and sport driving modes.  It can also deliver with 122 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. This top brand model of Honda sports cars has just been rated with Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle in compliance with the California Air Resource Board ZEV Standards.
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