5 Best Horse Betting Systems

The 5 best horse betting systems all have one thing in common: they are designed to help you win. While there is no one sure-fire way to bet a winner, there are strategies that assist the horse racing enthusiast in making better decisions. All these betting systems require the participant to do a little work of his own prior to going to the window and laying down the money. Always be informed of the horse's running history and the conditions of the track on the day of the races.

  1. Layoff. This horse betting system is based on looking at a horse's down time. If a horse did rather poorly, or faded in it's last few races, then had a vacation, the horse improves on your betting list. The basis is that a horse who fades in it's last few races is suffering from fatigue and will be back to par after a needed rest. The horse will be low on the list after posting losses and will pay out higher.
  2. Z-pattern. This horse betting system relies on the bettor looking at horses who have remained in the middle of the pack and then passed multiple horses at the end. The basis is that the horse is improving over time and will post wins soon.
  3. Points betting. This complicated horse betting system relies on a list of attributes for a horse having a points value. For example, the horse earns points for having a jockey with a ten percent or better win rate. Getting a list of the points system from a professional gambler is suggested.
  4. Jockey improvement. A simplistic horse betting system is jockey improvement. This betting system looks at horses who have had strong finishes, without winning in previous races. The horse gains value if a rider change has been made to a jockey with a higher win record.
  5. Surface switch. The easiest horse betting system there is simply looks at surface switches. If a horse ran in the middle of the pack on dirt, he will run faster on turf, or the opposite way around.
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