5 Best Hot Sex Games

If you find the romance in the bedroom is lacking, you may be in need of this list of the 5 best hot sex games. These games will be sure to help bring the erotic fun and excitement back to your relationship or marriage, and your honey will find them to be a lot of good fun as well. So, fasten your seatbelt. Your relationship is just about to get so much better.

  1. To kick this list of the best hot sex games off, try out “the Flashlight” game in the bedroom. All you need for this game is a flashlight, and the concept is very simple. Turn off the lights and have your woman quickly flash the flashlight on a certain part of her body. After the light flashes off, kiss her in the spot that she flashed. After you get done kissing, she can flash the flashlight on another part of her body. Keep this process up, and things should heat up very quickly.
  2. One of the greatest hot sex games is the “Alphabet Game!” It will really get juices in the both of you flowing. Begin at the beginning of the alphabet at the letter A. You can both take turns going down the alphabet and kissing body parts that begin with the letter you have. Most don’t make it to the end of the alphabet, but if you do, it may be worth another round!
  3. In the game of “Bedroom Antics,” you could be making love soon after the game even starts! Buy index cards from a store and cut each card in half. Separate the halves so that you have two piles of square cards. With the first pile, take the time to write a body part on each card. You can write, “lips,” “belly,” “neck,” and so much more. Once you’re finished, move to the other stack and write one verb on each card. For example, you might write, “lick,” “suck,” “squeeze,” or another sexy verb. Shuffle both stacks and take turns drawing a card from each stack to create random combinations of actions. Warning – this is one of the hot sex games that could make your lover absolutely irresistible.
  4. One of the more exciting hot sex games is “Fantasy Checkers,” and it’s great for carrying out those sexual fantasies! Everyone has their own sexual fantasies so give this game with a twist a try! Start the game out by playing a game of Checkers, and once someone wins, they get to carry out their sexual fantasy no matter what.
  5. Play “Modified Twister” with her and she’ll be begging for you before the game is over. When playing “Modified Twister,” you can either play naked or you can play by a rule that states an article of clothing must be removed each time a person falls. This will make for a very interesting outcome as well as great sex, and that’s why it’s one of the best hot sex games!
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