5 Best ‘House’ Episodes

We all love Dr. Gregory House, especially in these 5 best "House" episodes. House is sarcastic and somewhat narcissist, but a brilliant doctor. He is the head of the diagnostics team at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. According to House, everybody lies and his team must snoop and probe to discover the truth to help their patients.

  1. Season 2 Episode 19: "House vs. God" House never hides his feelings about his disbelief in God, so when a young faith healer comes into the hospital with an unexplainable illness, House does everything in his power to debunk the healer. In the end, House proves that the healer’s illness is due to a lie he has been living.
  2. Season 4 Episode 2: "The Right Stuff" This case is right up House’s alley. An Air Force pilot wants her identity kept a secret and pays cash so she doesn’t lose her eligibility into NASA. House needs to pick a new team and is not happy about it.
  3. Season 4 Episode 12: "Don’t Ever Change" House acts like a jealous lover when Wilson begins dating Amber, one of the candidates that applied for House’s team. When a woman collapses at her wedding, House must figure out why and what she is lying about.
  4. Season 5 Episode 17: "The Social Contract" A patient that acts just like House is under the team's care—the patient has started saying whatever is on his mind no matter who it may hurt, something that is completely out of character. The team must find out what is wrong before he alienates everyone, including his family.
  5. Season 5 Episode 24: "Both Sides Now" As House falls deeper into a mental breakdown, he hallucinates about a relationship between Cuddy and him. After realizing the relationship wasn’t real, the season of "House" comes to an end with Wilson dropping House off at the mental hospital.
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