5 Best Houston Government Jobs

The 5 best Houston government jobs exist, at least in theory, to provide service to the people of the great city of Houston. However, like with many people once they get into government, there is always the temptation of misconduct instead of serving the people as you should. These government jobs combine both the prestige of the position with the headache of all the accountability that comes with them.

  1. Mayor. Mayor of Houston is the best government job in that city because the buck stops with you. As mayor, you are the head of the municipal government of the big, urban city that Houston is. As Mayor of Houston, you are part of what is known as the mayor-council type of government in the city, which is marked by the fact that as Mayor, you are actually elected directly by your voters.
  2. Comptroller. Simply put, a comptroller is basically the Chief Financial Officer of the city of Houston, and your duties primarily are made up of overseeing the integrity of the financial reporting and accounting of the city of Houston. As the comptroller, you also get to serve only a two-year term, which is why this government job comes in at number two on this list of the best Houston government jobs. This way, you cannot abuse your power too much.
  3. At-large position 2. The At-large position 2 in the government job structure of Houston simply means that you are serving on the city council of this fine metropolis. Your primary duty, as a member of the legislative body of the city, is to be involved in passing bills, proposing laws and also holding votes to assist in governing the city, all heavy duties that are the reason this government job in Houston is at number three.
  4. District B Council Member. The fourth-best government job in Houston is another legislative one, this time, the District B Council Member. As a Council Member, your duties come awfully close to the At-large position because you are part of the city council that functions as a body that seeks to ape the responsibilities of Congress, which is namely to pass city laws.
  5. Houston Police Chief. The final best government job in Houston is the position of the Police Chief. As Police Chief, you are the last line of defense that the law-abiding folks of the city have against the criminal and lethal scum who would dare prey on the innocent people of Houston. This is perhaps the government job with the most heavy responsibility, as every time someone in the city is murdered, robbed or criminally wronged in some way, it reflects on you and is your responsibility.



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