5 Best Hunting Rifle Scopes

You can more easily choose which scope is for you once you know what the 5 best hunting rifles scopes are. A top quality hunting rifle deserves to have a top quality hunting rifle scope mounted to it. There are many choices on the market, but here are the five best.

  1. Leupold FX II –  These rifle scopes are made in Portland, Oregon and are known for their durability and accuracy. The view through these rifle scopes is clear and bright. They are also waterproof, come in a black, gray or silver finish and are guaranteed for life. 
  2. BSA Huntsman RGB – BSA has been in the gun manufacturing business for over 100 years and has been producing top quality hunting rifle scopes since 1996. The Huntsman RGB model offers an adjustable three color illumination in red, green or blue. Weighing just 15.8 ounces, it is one of the lighter rifle scopes on the market.
  3. Nikon Monarch African – If you are hunting dangerous game, this is definitely the scope you want mounted to your hunting rifle. This scope features a quick focus eyepiece that allows you to bring the reticle into focus in an instant. High quality O-rings and a nitrogen fill provide this scope with a lasting guard against water and fogging. 
  4. Barska Huntmaster Pro – One of the most advanced rifle scopes on the market today, the Huntmaster Pro features a center lit, illuminated reticle that is adjustable with eleven settings for degree of brightness. This scope has incredible optics which provide you with a crisp, clear view even in low light conditions.
  5. Nightforce NXS – As a fairly new scope manufacturer-Nightforce was founded in 1992-they jumped right in by producing one of the highest quality scopes on the market. The NXS model was originally developed for the US military and offers a 56mm multi-coated lens providing you with crisp detail at extremely long ranges.

Having one of the best hunting rifle scopes mounted to your hunting rifle is essential in having a successful hunting experience. You will not be disappointed with the durability and accuracy of any of the scopes that are listed above. 

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