5 Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

The five best hybrid golf clubs all make the game of golf as easy as possible for beginners and intermediate players. Gaining popularity in only the late '90s, hybrid golf clubs maximize the ability of players to get their shots airborne by keeping a low center of gravity. Now very popular, these hybrid golf clubs will make your hand at golf an easier, more pleasurable experience.

  1. Callaway FT Fusion Hybrid. Rated the best hybrid on the market by respected golf sites, this hybrid golf club sports a magnificent trajectory capacity, along with a feel and forgiveness that sets this club apart from the rest in its class. Available in either the graphite shaft or the heavier steel shaft.
  2. Adams Golf Idea A2 OS Hybrid Iron/Wood Graphite. Another dependable choice is this Adams club, scoring second only to the Callaway FT Fusion Hybrid. An appealing draw to this club is its price: For less than a $100, you get a club that doesn't lose much in the way of performance. This Adams club has scored very well on tests involving consistency and accuracy.
  3. Nickent Men's 3DX DC Ironwood. A tempting choice in our five best hybrid golf clubs list, the Nickent Men's Ironwood combines a low price with excellent ratings according to Golftest USA. Designed with a lower weighting system and an optimal launch angle and trajectory, the Ironwood maximizes the tendency of making easier shots on the course. This club retails at around $50, so you may want to check this one out.
  4. Bobby Jones Hybrids. Also scoring highly on the golf test was the Bobby Jones hybrid club. Designed by the famed Jesse Ortiz, these clubs are intended to optimize your performance to the point where you ought to be able to get your ball out of every type of lie, regardless of whether it's a divot or a fairway bunker.
  5. Nike Slingshot. Right up there with some of the other ones in our list, the Slingshot series by Nike is focused on enlarging the sweet spot on their golf clubs. Such an improvement along with establishing a deeper center of gravity ensures that your ball will launch higher every time you swing. Another important way of achieving this is by reducing spin by placing the CG off the face.




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