5 Best Ice Climbing Boots

The 5 best ice-climbing boots all have a few things in common. The best ice-climbing boots are waterproof, durable and still allow your feet to breathe. The best ice-climbing boots should keep your feet warm and comfortable as well as ensuring a snug fit. When buying your ice-climbing boots, be sure to research the best system for your ankles, which will provide the greatest fit, comfort and protection. The best ice-climbing boots will also provide the greatest flexibility and mobility. Below is a list of five of the best ice-climbing boots available on the market today. These boots will not complete your foot ensemble, as you will also need crampons, so please keep that in mind. Still, you need to try them and judge for yourself based on the criteria above and your personal style.

  1. La Sportiva Spantik Mountaineering Boot. This is the top of the line boot worn by professionals and serious climbers alike. This lightweight boot is specifically crafted for extreme cold weather and ice environments. With its five millimeter thermal-structure carbon fiber insole with aluminum insulation, it provides the best in protection, durability and custom fit. The inner boot boasts water-repellent technology and the sole is the highest quality sole available.
  2. Scarpa Inverno Mountaineering Boot. This is a high performance boot with all the extras. A durable plastic shell provides ideal protection against moisture, abrasions and foreign objects. Hinged ankles and tongues provide solid fit with flexibility and optimal comfort. Inserts boast both comfort and breathability without letting in moisture or causing sweat to dampen your adventure.
  3. Lowa Mountain Expert GTX Mountaineering Boot. This boot boasts durable and thick split leather grain for flexibility and a guaranteed tight and dry fit. This abrasion resistant boot offers outsoles that provided excellent traction and rubber fittings for added waterproofing, and offers an inner lining for added warmth and comfort.
  4. Baruntse Mountaineering Boots. This boot provides superior grip and an unbeatable fit. This lightweight, double-insulated boot is high altitude built. This boot boasts all the amenities in sole constitution and durability through double stitching and low profile, all synthetic construction. The inner lining is water-resistant and provides added anti-abrasion technology.
  5. Vajolet GTX Mountaineering Boot. This is a tough synthetic leather boot ready for the harshest climates and rockiest terrain. Boasting polyurethane shock absorbent soles and hard rubber undersoles, this boot is ready for whatever Mother Nature has to offer. The lining offers warmth, comfort and added cushion for the roughest decent.

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