5 Best Ice Climbing Gloves

While searching for the five best ice climbing gloves, there a few things you should consider. The best ice climbing gloves are waterproof but still allow your hands to "breathe." The best ice climbing gloves should obviously keep your hands warm and the best ice climbing gloves should provide for a good grip and added protection. When buying your ice climbing gloves be sure to research the best system for your wrists, which add the greatest fit, comfort and protection.

The best ice climbing gloves will also provide the greatest comfort and mobility. Below is a list of five of the best ice climbing gloves available on the market today. Still, you need to try them and judge for yourself based on the criteria above and your personal style.

  1. Outdoor Designs Ultraflex InfernoGlove offers a soft shell Teklite outer shell with exceptional breathability. The leather palm with double overlay thumb allows for idea rope and toolbox use. It has a patented waterproof exterior with vented technology that allows sweat to escape but keeps moisture out.
  2. North Face Kelvin Glove is a high performance glove with all the extras. This glove provides extra warmth with its permasoft lining coated by Kelvin synthetic, allowing for superb ventilation. While maintaining a ventilation system, the glove also allows for the egress of moisture, while keeping your digits dry and maintaining superior grip and protection.
  3. McKinley Mountain Gloves boasts high technology for ventilation and insulation, keeping the hands warm and dry. The goatskin leather palm with overlay thumb adds durability and secure grip for rope and tools. This glove provides added comfort in its cinch wrist design and cushioned inserts.
  4. Research Alibi Glove provides superior grip and unbeatable fit. The adjustable Velcro wrist makes movement easy and allows for better comfort but provides top-level security. The sticky palm construction allows for a better grip of leash less tools and climbing ropes. It also offers additional gel padding for increased comfort.
  5. Black Diamond Enforcer Glove is the ultimate ice climbing glove. This glove possesses D30 padding for knuckle protection, ultra-notched thumb for added grip and a leather palm allowing for greater gripping. It is a lightweight constructed glove with waterproof coating, breatheable and ventilated construction with durability and double stitching. This is simply the best glove on the market for ice climbing.



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