5 Best Ice Fishing Poles

Depending on the species of fish you are trying to catch, the 5 best ice fishing poles are 28 inches long. As for stiffness, heavy ice fishing poles are best for strong fish, and light ice fishing rods are great for weaker fish. Make sure you can feel the movements of your lure as much as possible instead of just choosing the strongest fishing pole. The following ice fishing poles will serve you well. 

  1. Jason Mitchell JMS28M Walleye Ice Fishing Pole. Walleye are fun to catch. It helps to have a sensitive pole. This pole by Jason Mitchell is ultra-sensitive and has powerful hooking action. 
  2. HT Arctic Bay Ice Fishing Pole and Reel. The 28 inch version of this ice fishing pole by HT is for medium to heavy action. It's good for Walleye and most types of trout, including lake trout. The pole features a genuine cork handle for a great ice fishing adventure. It also comes with a reel. 
  3. St. Croix Premier Ice Fishing Pole and Reel. Medium light action ice fishing poles are what you want if you're looking to catch weak fish like perch and slightly stronger ones like whitefish. The guides are stainless steel, and the cork handle is made with traditional cork. This pole comes with an aluminum reel. 
  4. Northland Trick-Stick Ice Fishing Pole and Reel. This ice fishing pole offers medium light action in the 28 inch version for large deep water panfish and large trout. The strength varies in the other sizes. Northland will fit you with a nice fishing pole with a nice reel and cork handle regardless of the type of fish you are aiming for. 
  5. Frabill 6764 Bro Series Ice Fishing Pole and Reel. The 28 inch medium action ice fishing pole combo from Frabill is designed for perch and walleye. Enjoy aluminum oxide guides and a solid cork handle. The sub-zero gear lubricant, affordable price and three ball bearing reel makes it one of the best ice fishing poles for anglers on a budget. 



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