5 Best Ice Fishing Rod Holders

The 5 best ice fishing rod holders prevent strong fish from pulling your ice fishing pole into the water. Good rod holders also let you know when you get a bite. That way, you will not lose any time or fish. Try some of the following ice fishing rod holders to save yourself a lot of frustration. 

  1. The Guardian Ice Fishing Rod Holder by Antler Creek Specialties. Antler Creek produces a light weight nine ounce rod holder that will not tip. It fits well into most tackle boxes and is rated at 70 degrees below zero for hardcore ice fishing. The Guardian allows you to start reeling in the fish while the rod is still in the holder. 
  2. ProMaster Strike Alert Ice Fishing Rod Holder. This great rod holder sounds off an alarm when you get a bite. It stakes into the ground and is very stable. The bank ice fisherman will love this holder. 
  3. Aqua-Vu Permanent Multi-Flex Ice Fishing Rod Holder. The highly sensitive rod from Aqua-Vu allows you to instantly see when you have a bite. The tip rotates downward when the fish strikes. 
  4. Fish-N-Chum Ice Fishing Rod Holder. You can strap this fishing rod holder to your leg and jig the bait with your leg movements. It is designed so that you can feel a fish bite and set the hook very easily. Your leg is not the only thing that will hold this ice fishing rod holder. Attach it to trees, your boat or a chair. 
  5. Overton's Otter Ice Fishing Rod Holder. The durable powder-coated steel design of this rod holder by Overton's will last you many years of angling. It is adjustable for a variety of rods. It also pivots when the fish bite. The versatility, sensitivity and strength makes it one of the best ice fishing rod holders on the market. 
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