5 Best Ice Hockey Breakout Drills

Looking for the 5 best hockey breakout drills? Kick back and read on. Breakout drills key on skill and speed. These five breakout drills are the best basis for training around. The breakout drills here concentrate on speed and game management for the player. Employ these breakout drills with the natural progressions in practice to refine and define your team. These breakout drills encompass discipline and ability as well as instill confidence. This article will provide you with the breakout drill head start to a better team.

Five best hockey breakout drills are:

  1. Breakout Around the Horn. Line your players up at one end of the ice. Have one player at the opposite side of the ice as the players lined up (but on the same side of the ice). Player one will fire the puck behind the net. Player opposite will gather the puck. Player that sent the puck initially will skate to the blue line. Second player will pass to shooting player.
  2. Breakout Squeeze and Shoot. This drill has player one at the centerline. Player two will position at the goal line and two defenders. Player two will receive the puck from player one who will skate hard to the opposing goal. The two defenders will converge on player one who will lay the puck out in front of player two for the slap shot.
  3. Pivot. In this breakout drill player one will skate without the puck towards the far goal from the center line. Player 1 will be fed the puck from player two who will skate behind the net. Player one will skate lateral to the goal line and receive the puck. He will then pivot and head back to the start point.
  4. Headman Pass. This drill pits two groups of players at opposite sides of the ice. Each will skate with puck along the ice edge. They will pass to players positioned along the inner ice who will chip the puck out in front. The starting player will receive and resend to the next awaiting player. Once near the goal use the top shelf shot to end the drill.
  5. D Around the Net. This drill addresses the much needed puck management for the defense. It is a one hundred percent puck holding drill. This drill moves the defense man around the back of the net. Once around he is to rocket with full puck control to center ice. From here, pivot and work back towards the nest and release a shot.
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