5 Best Ice Hockey Drills For Forwards

The 5 best ice hockey drills for forwards are used to teach teamwork, precision passing and accurate shooting. Forwards need to develop skills that can differ from defensemen and these drills help to hone those necessary skills. So if you are looking to develop the skills of a hockey forward, use the 5 best ice hockey drills for forwards in your training routine.

  1. One-Timer. When you see professionals play ice hockey on television or in person, they can make the one-timer look fluid and easy. A one-timer is when one forward passes the puck to another forward and, rather than accept the pass, the second forward blasts a shot at the net. The drill is simple, but repeating it can help make the one-timer look fluid and easy. One forward stands in the face-off circle in one end of the rink with a bucket of pucks. The rest of the forwards line up at center ice and, one at a time, they race in to the zone as fast as possible. The forward in the face-off circle shoots a pass to the advancing forward just as he crosses the blue line. The advancing forward needs to shoot the puck with a one-timer at the net.
  2. Clearing the Zone. One of the important things that the 5 best ice hockey drills for forwards need to teach is the transition game out of the defensive zone. A defenseman starts this drill by standing behind one of the nets with a bucket of pucks. The wingers take their positions in each face-off circle, and the center goes behind the net and skates around the defenseman. As the center comes out from behind the net, both wingers take off and the defenseman passes the puck to the center who is in full stride. There must be one pass to each winger before the drill is over and before the three players get to the other end of the rink.
  3. Shots on Goal. It is critical that a forward develop accuracy when shooting on net. For this drill, there is a pile of pucks placed at a blue line. Each forward enters the zone, one at a time, picks up a puck at the blue line, crosses in front of the net between the two face-off circles and blasts a shot at the net. When repeated during each practice, this can be one of the 5 best ice hockey drills for forwards that produces the most goals.
  4. Backcheck and Forecheck. One of the 5 best ice hockey drills for forwards that teaches the forwards their defensive responsibility is "Backcheck and Forecheck." Two forwards line up at one end of the ice and the coach blows the whistle. At the whistle, a defenseman passes one of the forwards a puck. The other forward must take that puck before the two leave the defensive zone. That is backchecking. The two then continue on across the second blue line where another defenseman passes the puck into the corner. Both forwards must go into the corner and attempt to retrieve the puck. That is forechecking.
  5. Changing Lines. Another thing that pros can make look very easy is changing lines. One player goes to the bench as his replacement jumps the boards on to the ice and is in the play. That kind of timing is practiced at just about every level of the game in some way. The drill requires two forwards at a time; one on the bench and one on the ice. The player on the bench can stand and wait as the other forward makes his way to the bench. The replacement cannot step his first foot on the ice until the player coming to the bench has one foot off the ice and on the floor of the bench area. Create a continuous flow of forwards changing lines to help your players get the timing right.
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