5 Best Ice Hockey Goalie Drills

If you’re a hockey goalie in need of some new practice material, then you’ll fall in love with the 5 best ice hockey goalie drills. Whether you’re a coach looking for new stuff for your players to do in practice time or if you’re a player looking for ways to heat your game up as a goalie, you’ll find that these highly practical goalie drills will fine-tune your skill and make you a better player.

  1. Try “Bumper Shooting” out with the hockey team to strengthen reaction time. To start the drill, the coach will set up a stack of pucks in the slot area. After this, he will position two tires right in front of the goalie. Two players are stationed to the sides of the tires so that they can get the rebound as the pucks bounce off the tires. Always remember that the shooter can choose to shoot up and over the tires to catch the goalie off guard.
  2. “Square Passing” is good for keeping a goalie in position and attentive. In this particular drill, players will pass around the puck while the goalie waits. When a player finds that the goalie is out of position, he will shoot. Forwards are allowed to come out and attempt scoring from behind the net.
  3. “Side to Side Quickies” is one of the best ice hockey goalie drills for targeting reaction time. Players will be positioned in front of the goalie and they will take turns shooting off on the goalie. The first player should aim for the far lower corner. The goalie will save the shot, and another player will shoot off on the other corner. Make sure the players understand to give the goalie time to make the save.
  4. “Rapid Fire” is one of the good goalie drills to run first to get everyone warmed up and ready for hockey. One player that’s over in the corner will pass to another random player. The player that now has the puck can pass to anyone else except for someone close. When running this drill, remember that speediness is the goal, and all players should strive to pass and shoot quickly. Switch up the players every five reps to keep things fresh and random.
  5. Run the “Roll Call Goalie Drill” to keep things fun for everyone involved. When this drill begins, the coach will give every player a unique number. However, the goalie is not to know what numbers the players have. After this, each player is given a puck, and all players move around below the goal line while waiting. The coach will then call out a random number of one of the players. When a player’s number is called, he/she will attack the net. This is one of the challenging goalie drills because of the uncertainty, but it keeps him on top of his game. This is why it’s one of the best ice hockey goalie drills.
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