5 Best Ideas For Homemade Vibrators

These 5 best ideas for homemade vibrators are necessary when the urge arises and there isn't a man, woman or actual vibrator around to help quell it. As its name suggests, a homemade vibrator is simply something that vibrates enough to make a woman (or possibly a man, to each their own) orgasm. While there are a number of different objects or ideas that could possibly work, some of these may end up being hazardous to one's health (like sitting on top of a lawn mower). However, there are a few go-to suggestions that will create excellent homemade vibrators for those who find themselves in dire straits.

  1. Vibrating cell phones. Place the cell phone on vibrate, set it between your legs (or wherever else you need it to vibrate) and then call yourself over and over and over again. Leave a message at the end, if you want.
  2. Washing machine rodeo. Old washing machines work better then newer models but both of them still have a certain amount of vibration. Lock the door of the laundry room and command that sucker to whirl on spin cycle for at least half an hour. Words like large load, hand washables and extra rinse have never sounded so sexy.
  3. Electric toothbrush. These household items are basically a few accessories from being vibrators themselves and can be helpful in a masturbation pinch, if you'll excuse the pun. Just be sure to get rid of the brush head once you are through, or keep that particular one hidden away, so there's not an embarrassing moment when you find the guy who recently slept over using it the following morning.
  4. Speakers and Base. Yes, they used this technique in the Howard Stern movie. You know why? Because it works. Straddle a large speaker, crank up the volume and but on some hip-hop, Red Hot Chili Peppers or anything else with a strong baseline. Music and sex will have finally become one.
  5. Removable shower head. These handheld shower heads are the teenage girl go-to in pornographer's lore but can easily get the job done in the homemade vibrator category if the need should arise. 
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